Monday, July 30, 2018

Fall Open House - Saturday September 29


I will be holding what may well be my final Open House at Hawthorn Hill this coming Saturday, September 29. My wife and I are parting ways and she is putting our home on the market shortly. Until I find a new residence and have the ability to propagate plants, I will be forced to (temporarily) shut down this aspect of my life. EVERYTHING must go except for my stock plants - so there will be deals to be had.  I would love to have my plants find a new home where they can flourish.

I hope to be back by spring, but there is a lot of uncertainty right now..........

My address is: 9900 133rd St, Seminole, FL  33776
My email (if you have questions or wish to get an updates list is:
My phone (should you wish to speak to me directly is: (727) 422-6583

Hours: 9 am - 1 pm.

I plan to take everything that goes unsold to a local native plant nursery.


  1. This is awesome. Thank-you for posting. I'm am a native Floridian &appreciate it. I was just searching for plants to bring home, yesterday.
    Finally, is that white flower a moon flower? I find those amazing &had a special experience where the moon was out in daylight(right by the Banana river) &the flowers started blooming all around me, so blessed to have witnessed that.🙏♥️


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