Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Plants on the Way & Some Seed to Give Away

Happy New Year from Hawthorn Hill - Craig & Alexa Huegel. We are busy sowing seed for Spring 2015 plants.  One of the species we have germinating right now is Rudbeckia graminifolia, pictured at the top.  It should be a very interesting year here. My new book, on using native plants in shady landscapes is off to the printer and should be available in April of this year.  Foolishly, I am starting a new book as well - more on that someday in the future if the University Press of Florida is willing to take it on as well....

We don't usually have extra seed, but we have limited quantities of the following.  Seed loses its viability quickly so there is no sense in saving it on my end.  If any of this is of interest to you, please email me -  and inquire.  I will give it away first come, but will ask you to send me a SASE.

1. Garberia heterophylla - Garberia
2. Symphyotrichum georgianum - Georgia aster
3. Chrysoma paucifloculosa - Woody goldenrod
4. Chrysopsis mariana - Maryland goldenaster
5. Chrysopsis liniarifolia - Linear leaved goldenaster

Quantities are very limited.  All of these species are in the blog if they are not familiar to you.