Friday, April 19, 2024

Last Open House At Hawthorn Hill

For a good many years, I have been growing wildflowers at my home as a licensed nursery known as Hawthorn Hill.  My goal has never been to make money but to make a greater diversity of weildflowers available to the public.  I believe that I have achieved this goal with the growth in the number of native nurseries and with my ability to grow my plants and sell them at my place of work - The USF Botanical Gardens in Tampa.  With our Plant Shop open from Tuesdays - Sundays and a larger propagation area to work with, I can grow more plants than ever and make it easier for everyone to access them.

My last Open House is scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 9 am-noon and we will be selling everything we can before moving the plants we don't sell to the Botanical Gardens.  We have ther largest diversity of species we've ever had.  Below is the list.  Some are currently in very short supply.

Most everything is in 4" pots, well rooted, for $5 each.  The rare woody mints and a few others are $10.  We prefer cash, but can take Visa & Mastercard as well as personal checks.

Jane and I hope to see you a week from Saturday - or later at the USF Plant Shop.

Natives in the Plant Shop/Hawthorn Hill Spring Open House

● *USF Plant Shop only
● #Not ready at this time
● @Very limited numbers

Abutilon hulseanum

Aesculus pavia*

Amorpha crenulata@

Amorpha fruticosa

Andropogon glomeratus

Andropogon spp. (unknown)

Andropogon ternarius

Annona glabra

Apios americana

Arnoglossum atriplicifolium

Arnoglossum ovatum var. lanceolatum

Argemone mexicana (later)

Asclepias incarnata

Asclepias perennis

Asclepias tuberosa

Asimina obovata@

Asimina pygmaea@

Asimina reticulata@

Baptisia alba

Brickellia mossieri

Calamintha coccinea@

Calamintha georgianum@

Callicarpa americana*

Chaptalia albicans#

Chaptalia tomentosa#

Carphephorus corymbosus#

Cicuta maculata

Clematis reticulata

Conradina canescens@

Conradina glabra@

Conradina spp.@

Dalea pinnata

Diospyros virginiana*

Echinacea purpurea

Encyclia tampensis

Eriogonum tomentosum

Eryngium yuccifolium

Erythrina herbacea@

Flaveria linearis

Garberia heterophylla*

Hamelia patens*

Hibiscus grandiflorus

Hibiscus laevis

Hibiscus moscheutos

Hibiscus poeppigii

Ipomoea imperati*@

Ipomopsis rubra

Lespedeza capitata#

Lespedeza hirta#

Lespedeza virginica# 

Liatris chapmanii

Liatris elegans

Liatris laevigata

Liatris savannensis

Lonicera sempervirens*

Nemastylis floridana

Nyssa ogeche*

Palafoxia feayi#

Pediomelum canescens

Penstemon laevigata

Penstemon multiflorus

Physalis walteri

Picramnia pentandra*

Piptochaetium avenaceum#

Psychotria tenuifolia

Randia aculeata*

Rhyncosia minima

Rudbeckia hirta

Rudbeckia laciniata

Rudbeckia triloba

Saccharum giganteum

Salvia coccinea

Salvia lyrata

Saururus cernuus*

Senna ligustrina

Sericocarpus tortifolius#

Solidago odora var. chapmanii

Solidago petiolaris#

Sorghastrum apalachicolense

Sorghastrum nutans@

Stokesia laevis@

Symphyotrichum bahamense

Symphyotrichum carolinianum

Symphyotrichum concolor

Symphyotrichum dumosum

Symphyotrichum elliottii

Symphyotrichum georgianum

Symphyotrichum laeve

Symphyotrichum lanceolatum

Symphyotrichum lateriflorum

Symphyotrichum patens#@

Symphyotrichum pilosum

Symphyotrichum plumosum

Symphyotrichum praealtum

Symphyotrichum sericeum

Symphyotrichum shortii

Symphyotrichum undulatum

Symphyotrichum walteri#

Trifolium reflexum

Ulmus americana*

Vachellia farnesiana*

Vernonia gigantea

Vernonia missurica

Vernonia novaboracensis

Zamia integrifolia*

Zanthoxylum clava-herculis