Monday, February 8, 2016

Extra Seed - Willing to Share

Garberia (Garberia heterophylla)

                                              Woody Goldenrod (Chrysoma paucifloculosa)

I have more seed from these 2 species than I can use. If any of you wish some of it before its viability declines, please send a SASE to me and I will share some. BOTH of these are woody shrubs that require deep sandy soils and full sun. They can tolerate temperatures into the low 20's F, but have done well in our Pinellas County landscape where it rarely, if ever, freezes. Send the SASE to: Craig Huegel, 9900 133rd St, Seminole, FL  33776


  1. I am interested in the Garberia. Sending you a SASE.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. I'm interested in both, I'll send out the SASE tomorrow! Thanks!

  3. Thanks in advance, Craig, for sharing the seeds. They'll be planted on the unused acreage behind our church - a former cropland. Flowers will make a cheerful background for the 42 garden plots in our community vegetable gardens.

    1. I'm so disappointed. My SASE mailed to 9900 113rd St, Seminole, FL 33776 came back yesterday marked "no such number"??

    2. Hello, My sase also came back.

  4. Thanks for the recent visit, we had a great time. We are interested in the seeds if still available. Will send a SASE tomorrow.


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