Friday, October 22, 2010

Pinebarren goldenrod - Solidago fistulosa

Another one of Florida's common and large goldenrods is pinebarren goldenrod (Solidago fistulosa).  This species occurs throughout Florida and the Southeast in a wide variety of upland habitats, but is especially common to disturbed open fields and open pinelands.
This is a deciduous species that appears each spring and grows vigorously  upward through the summer; eventually reaching a mature height of 6-8 feet.  The leaves are oval and slightly pointed and remain about the same size all the way up the stem. 
Flowering occurs in fall; October- November.  The heads are open panicles and each flower is typical of the genus; small and bright yellow. 
Pinebarren goldenrod is a robust species that spreads rapidly in the landscape by suckering.  Eventually, it forms dense thickets that essentially exclude most other species unless planted with equally dominant wildflowers, grasses, or woody plants.  As such, it is a poor choice for small landscapes or planting areas where a large diversity of species are destired.  Use it as a screen in larger settings or as an accent planting where its spread can be easily confined.  In the latter settings, its robust growth and profuse flowering can be quite effective.
Pinebarren goldenrod is extremely adaptable, but only rarely offered commercially. 


  1. Does this plant also spread a lot by seed? I am trying to figure out whether I can find a place for it – either in my yard or the adjacent unused area- and it depends on the radius in which i might find surprise goldenrod plants (in the yard that is just across a narrow road, throughout the whole neighborhood, etc.). Thank you

  2. Simply answered, yes........... It will produce large amounts of seed in addition to suckering. It is best used in a very expansive area where a large colony of this plant can be appreciated. Otherwise, use one f the less aggressive species - S. odora and S. stricta are very good choices as is S. petiolaris in the northern 1/2 of the state.


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