Friday, April 2, 2021

Spring 2021 Open House

 I've picked a date for my next Open House - Saturday, May 22, 9 am - 1 pm

1648 Paragon Place, Holiday, FL  34690

Below is the list of native wildflowers that I will have for sale. I hope you can join me and take a few of these home with you.

Open House – Hawthorn Hill                                                                                       Spring 2021

Plants marked as (***) in very limited numbers/Plants marked as FALL will be ready later this year

All 4” pots are $4. Very few in 1 gallon pots are $8.

Wildflowers                                                                                                                      Host, SFL native, Wetland

Allium canadense                                            Meadow garlic***         

Amorpha crenulata                                         Crenulate leadplant                                        H?

Amorpha fruticosa                                          Leadplant                                                            H

Amorpha herbacea                                         Sandhill leadplant                                            H

Ampelaster caroliniensis                               Carolina aster                                                    W

Arnoglossum floridanum                              Florida Indian plantain

Arnoglossum ovatum var. lancifolium     Lance-leaved Indian plantain                      W

Asclepias incarnata                                          Pink swamp milkweed                                   H, W

Asclepias perennis                                          White swamp milkweed                                               H, W

Asclepias tuberosa                                          Butterfly milkweed                                         H

Berlandiera subacaulis                                   Greeneyes

Capsicum annuum                                           Bird pepper                                                        SFL

Clematis baldwinii                                            Pine hyacinth

Clematis crispa                                                  Fairy hats                                                             W

Clematis reticulata                                           Netted leaf leather-flower

Crotalaria rotundifolia                                    Rabbitbells                                                          H?

Eryngium aquaticum                                       Blue button snakeroot                                  W

Eryngium integrifolium                                  Blue button snakeroot                                  W

Eryngium yuccifolium                                     Rattlesnake master                                                                                        

Garberia heterophylla                                   Garberia***

Helianthus radula                                             Rayless sunflower***

Hibiscus coccineus                                           Scarlet hibiscus (White & Red)                   W

Hibiscus grandiflorus                                      Pink hibiscus                                                      W

Hibiscus moscheutos                                      Crimson-eyed rosemallow                           W

Hibiscus poeppigii                                            Poeppig’s rosemallow***                           SFL

Jacquemontia pentanthos                           Skyblue clustervine                                         SFL

Kosteletzkya pentacarpos                            Virginia saltmarsh mallow                             W

Liatris aspera                                                      Tall blazing star

Liatris elegantula                                              Elegant blazing star

Liatris gracilis                                                      Graceful blazing star                                      

Liatris savannensis                                           Savanna blazing star      

Nemastylis floridana                                       Fall ixia/Celestial lily        ($10 each)

Ocimum campechianum                               Native basil                                                         SFL

Oclemena reticulata                                       Pinebarren aster                                             

Penstemon multiflorus                                 White beardtongue                                       

Rudbeckia hirta (southern variety)           Black-eyed susan

Rudbeckia laciniata                                          Cutleaf coneflower

Rudbeckia mohrii                                             Mohr’s coneflower                                         W

Rudbeckia mollis                                              Softhair coneflower                                       

Rudbeckia triloba                                             Brown-eyed susan

Ruellia caroliniensis                                         Wild petunia

Salvia coccinea                                                  Red salvia

Salvia lyrata                                                        Lyre-leaved sage

Scutellaria incana                                             Common skullcap

Senna ligustrina                                                                Privet cassia***                                                               H

Silphium asteriscus                                          Rosinweed

Solidago odora chapmanii                            Chapman’s goldenrod

Solidago stricta                                                  Wand goldenrod

Stokesia laevis                                                   Stoke’s aster

Symphyotrichum chapmanii                        Chapman’s aster                                              H

Symphyotrichum concolor                           Silver aster                                                          H

Symphyotrichum elliotii                                                Elliot’s aster                                                        H

Symphyotrichum georgianum                    Georgia aster                                                     H

Symphyotrichum pilosum                            White oldfield aster                                        H

Symphyotrichum undulatus                        Wavy-leaved aster                                          H

Tephrosia angustissima coralicola             Coral hoarypea                                                 H?, SFL

Thalictrun revolutum                                      Wavy-leaved meadow rue

Tiedemannia filiformis                                   Water dropwort                                               W, H

Vernonia angustifolia                                     Tall ironweed

Vernonia gigantea                                           Giant ironweed

Vernonia novaboracensis                             New York ironweed

Viola sorarria (white flowers)                     Common wood violet                                    H



Andropogon ternarius                                   Splitbeard bluestem                                       H?

Andropogon virginicus var. glaucus          Chalky bluestem                                              H

Chasmanthium laxum                                    Slender woodoats

Sorghastrum apalachicolense                     Apalachicola Indiangrass                               H?

Sorghastrum nutans                                       Yellow Indiangrass                                           H

Sorghastrum secundum                                                Lop-sided Indiangrass                                    H?



Woody Plants (Small – 4” pots)

Carya floridana                                                  Scrub hickory***

Quercus chapmanii                                         Chapman’s oak***

Sideroxylon lanuginosum                             Gum bully***

Sideroxylon tenx                                              Tough bumelia***

Nonnative plants

Everglades tomato                                                                                                                          H, SFL

Blue chai butterfly pea***                                                                                                          H



  1. Wonderful posts!! Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your sale today, 5/22. Hope to see you here at Highland Lakes sometime...
    Bobbi Schreiner (Garden Groupies)


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