Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coastalplain goldenaster - Chrysopsis scabrella

Coastalplain goldenaster (Chrysopsis scabrella) is both frequent throughout Florida and beautiful.  Well-grown specimens are quite striking in the late fall with their large heads of deep-yellow flowers and shiny green foliage.  Despite its abundance and beauty, however, coastalplain goldenaster has been offered only occassionally in the nursery trade.
Coastalplain goldenaster is resident to the deep sandy and sunny conditions found in scrub and sandhill communities.  It is deciduous in late winter and re-emerges in the spring as a rosette of exceedingly wooly leaves.  Eventually, the plant grows upward and these leaves are pointed and not wooly.
Blooming occurs in late fall - October and November, and may last for a month or so.  Well-grown specimens may stand 2-3 feet tall, but in really harsh conditions individuals rarely exceed 2 feet in height.
This species is especially easy to grow and maintain.  It is forgiving of most conditions, except too much moisture, and free of disease and other problems.  I believe it looks best when planted in small clusters in the mid-section of a mixed wildflower bed. 

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