Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eastern Silver Aster Part 2 - Symphyotrichum concolor

I couldn't help but post a few more photos of one of my favorite wildflowers - Eastern silver aster (Symphyotrichum concolor).  These photos were taken November 28 in our Pinellas County landscape at Hawthorn Hill and show how magnificent this plant is when in full bloom.  Eastern silver aster is a very late bloomer and becomes one of the last wildflowers blooming in a mixed wildflower planting.
We hope to have plenty of this available next summer to others that may wish to try it.  Drop me an e-mail if you are interested:


  1. Hi Craig,
    I just googled Silver Aster and was looking at images and landed on your blog!!!
    Great to see you and Alexa today at Christina and Stans during the Native Plant Society landscape tour. Since their Silver Aster was not in bloom I was interested in seeing pictures. Thank you for a great picture.
    I'll have to buy some Phlox pilosa from you. I saw the small planting in Christina's yard.
    ~Happy Growing!~
    Donna Kiehl

  2. Donna-

    Good to have seen you also and thanks... Eastern silver aster is one of my very favorites. I hope to be able to propagate more this year, but the rabbits keep eating all of my plants to the ground and I may have to get seed from a different population this year. Don't know why no one else is growing it yet, but expect others will someday. It is easy and beautiful - though it suckers a bit like other asters tend to do.
    I still have lots of the Phlox if you are still interested. It too is easy and wonderful.

  3. Craig,
    Have you tried using human hair around plants that rabbits eat? I have read that it is a deterrent but haven't experimented enough to know yet. There are two plants that I had problems with rabbits, pencil flower and wild petunia. The rabbits would eat both before I could get them to the seed stage. I finally put a mesh cage around each until the plants got bigger.



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